30th birthday

my best friend celebrated her 30th birthday last weekend. her husband wanted to throw her a surprise party {oh how they just LOVE surprises}, but since they are currently living with us, and i am horrible at keeping surprises {oh how i just DESPISE surprises!}, we opted for a party that she knew about. it was great to have some friends over for delicious appetizers, the always amazing costco carrot cake {i’m a firm believer in homemade desserts, but seriously, this cake is the best}, no kids and gorgeous summer weather.


the invitation was fun to create. her favorite color is green, so i went with a few shades of that. i do love glitter and it was a nice {if not laborious} detail.

kc invite IMG_7122 IMG_7123 IMG_7124 IMG_7126 IMG_7131

happy birthday my friend!

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  1. thanks...i never knew about this blog. i am feeling slightly distant from the "best friend" status. um...next time can you tell me that you have a really adorable blog with really cute items so that i can either 1. purchase 2. drool 3. purchase 4. share the site with others.

    nice work em. you are a pro! and i'll keep you as my best friend.