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2. I’m {slowly} updating the blogs I read.

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these are a few of my favorite things







each of them found in my new {and almost finished} office

farmer’s market

We went to our local farmer’s market this weekend.  It was a beautiful day and perfect for being outdoors amidst farm-grown vegetables, plants, handmade crafts, candles, jellies and fresh cut flowers.



I went with the sole purpose to purchase some peonies. I think Audrey likes them too.



And the boys enjoyed their shaved ice.




butler’s pantry

Our house is very neutral.  I like it that way.

Around Christmas, Ryan had the itch to add some color into our lives in the form of fire engine red {kind of fitting as he is a fire fighter}.  Our butler’s pantry is inconspicuous enough and could handle a little something fun, so I just went with it.


It was not right.

Too bright. Too shiny. Too not us.


So yesterday {yes, six months later}, I finally painted it back to a color I love … BM Texas Leather.

 IMG_2725 IMG_2726

Ahhh … so much better.

As I was taking a picture I realized I’ve never shown this fun feature of our house:


A salvaged window attached to a barn door track creating a separation between our entry & dining room.  One of my favorite things we’ve done with this house. Not particularly the safest thing to have a giant hanging single-pane window in the middle of your house when you have three rambunctious boys, but it sure makes a statement!

Enjoy your weekend.  It’s still raining around here, but boy are the plants green.

We’re hoping to launch our new website early next week, so be on the look-out!


what i wore

I’ve been pretty diligent about photographing my outfits this week. One night we got home late and I went into the bathroom with the camera, took a picture, and came out to my husband’s very curious face.  He couldn’t figure out why I was taking pictures in the bathroom late at night! Oh, the things I do for my blog-friends.

So here I am this week.  I’ll include sources but let me forewarn you: nothing I have on was purchased recently, so you won’t find it in a store. Not much help, I know, but you probably don’t want anything I have on anyway … pretty boring, schmoring. Except my jeans. I do like those.


sweater: banana republic, shirt: hmmm? given to me by rae, jeans: banana republic, shoes: bp nordstrom


sweatshirt jacket: target, shirt: the Rack, jeans: citizens of humanity


sweater: nordstrom, scarf: gap, jeans: citizens of humanity, belt: target {I think I’ve had it since 8th grade – that’s how fashionable I am}.


This is a pretty good look. I was wearing something else, but before I had the chance to photograph myself, little miss decided to lose her entire lunch all down the front of me. So I opted for this ensemble instead.

sweats: martin & osa, shirt: gap


This is the late at night shot.

jacket: banana republic, blouse: banana republic, jeans: Seven A pocket, shoes: BP Nordstrom


sweater: Marshalls, shirt: Marshalls, pants: banana republic, shoes: Rack.


sweater: Marshalls, shirt: old navy, shoes: payless, jeans: Seven flare  - my absolute favorites that did not come distressed – those holes are seriously from wearing them so much. My husband begs me to throw them out, but it pains me to think about it.

Only one of Audrey this week.

IMG_2614 IMG_2615

dress & shoes: janie & jack, headband: me.

One more thing: under every single outfit, I am wearing these two items.

image image

hanes mens A shirt {who needs to buy cute camisoles when you can get three basic ones for $10?} and an empire tank.

I’ve linked up with image

on being a mommy

My babies are growing up so quickly.

I was folding laundry tonight and got a little sappy thinking about how little their clothes are now and how big they will soon be.  I want to fold little bitty tights for forever. I don’t want them to grow up.

It makes me cry to think that I haven’t taken full advantage of these little years. 

Being a mommy to little ones is a constant and often exhausting job. Not exhausting in the sense that it is the hardest job out there – I am beyond thankful that I get to be home with my kids and never wish to complain about my ‘job’ – but exhausting in that I am always on. There is always someone to assist or entertain or comfort or discipline. Not a lot of time to be quiet with my own thoughts or to start and finish a task in one sitting. 

Tonight I was cleaning and re-arranging downstairs as the boys played {wonderfully} upstairs.  I so appreciated the few moments to get things done, all the while knowing that they were destroying the playroom and that I would soon have to focus on cleaning that room.  It never ends.

And, honestly, sometimes I want it to. 

Sometimes I want to just stay in bed.

Sometimes I want to take a shower without interruption.

Or eat my breakfast first.

{ooooh, I’m sounding terribly selfish – please tell me you understand}

I want to listen to my music rather than Psalty.

I want to go shopping and actually try things on instead of just buying blindly and bringing them home to try on {and then, inevitably, returning most of it because nothing fits}.

I want to clean the floors and have them stay that way longer than 30 minutes.

But do I really? Is a life of focused shopping and cleanliness and sleeping in really better?

I’ve had so many friends and acquaintances struggle with infertility and it always makes me stop and think.  We are so fortunate to have our four children.  There are many who don’t have any and would give anything to have just one, and here I am with four and whining about how they disrupt my breakfast.

If you are a mommy, I know you know how I feel. We love our babies, but could use a break.  For a week. Preferably at a tropical location.

While I sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed by this enormous task of raising kids {all the while maintaining a healthy marriage, hobbies and friendships} I want to remember to cherish these times with my darlings. 

My silly boys who make horses out of wrapping paper tubes and play knights {with only one costume, hence the shirtless knight}.

IMG_2637  IMG_2638

Sweet little voices that sing songs to their baby sister.


Little innocent eyes.


These goofy kiddos who think making silly faces is one of the greatest pastimes ever.



And, of course, their complete sweetness as they sleep.


They are wonderful kids and I have the great honor of being their mommy. I hope I am doing a good job … and I hope I can take time every day to just enjoy where we are at {however dirty and disorderly it may be}.


birthday party

My niece turned two this weekend. She is one of the most darling little girls I’ve ever seen and it seems crazy that she is already two.  We had a little {but fun} party yesterday with our family to celebrate her and my mom

I was reminded of the very cute party my sister & brother-in-law threw for her when she turned one and I thought I’d do a re-post.  Enjoy!


my sweet little niece . i s a b e l l a. had her first birthday party this afternoon.  my sister has been working like crazy on it and hosted an amazing party. i was able to help with some of the creative stuff {which i always love} and it was fun to make it extra special for baby {i mean toddler} isabella
the birthday girl {wearing the most adorable tutu made by my mom}

every birthday baby need a bib for the special occasion.
darling, isn't it?
and, as is tradition for all the grandchildren, my mom made the special birthday cake to be devoured by the i've-only-had-sugar-once-before-birthday-girl.
some might think she's saying 'all done'
but oh no. not this girl. she was loving that sugar.
{she's my kind of girl}

yummy food

even yummier sweets
{because what's a party without candy as the goodie bag?}

apparently these darling monogram shirts {for the boys} and flower pin shirts {for the girls} were not a good enough party favor {as explained by anna, age 7 and ethan, age 5 on two separate occasions} candy bags are a must at any party. just in case you didn't know.

party hats

the little sweetness with her new baby be blessed dolly

i think she likes her

the birthday girl and her mommy

ready for some birthday party swimming {in 62 weather}

rebecca, me, eric & amy {unintentional pattern makers that we are} enjoying celebrating our niece.
it was a great party with so many cute, creative and special details. good work, mike & hillary, on a party well-thrown and a baby well-made.
happy birthday isabella!