birthday party

My niece turned two this weekend. She is one of the most darling little girls I’ve ever seen and it seems crazy that she is already two.  We had a little {but fun} party yesterday with our family to celebrate her and my mom

I was reminded of the very cute party my sister & brother-in-law threw for her when she turned one and I thought I’d do a re-post.  Enjoy!


my sweet little niece . i s a b e l l a. had her first birthday party this afternoon.  my sister has been working like crazy on it and hosted an amazing party. i was able to help with some of the creative stuff {which i always love} and it was fun to make it extra special for baby {i mean toddler} isabella
the birthday girl {wearing the most adorable tutu made by my mom}

every birthday baby need a bib for the special occasion.
darling, isn't it?
and, as is tradition for all the grandchildren, my mom made the special birthday cake to be devoured by the i've-only-had-sugar-once-before-birthday-girl.
some might think she's saying 'all done'
but oh no. not this girl. she was loving that sugar.
{she's my kind of girl}

yummy food

even yummier sweets
{because what's a party without candy as the goodie bag?}

apparently these darling monogram shirts {for the boys} and flower pin shirts {for the girls} were not a good enough party favor {as explained by anna, age 7 and ethan, age 5 on two separate occasions} candy bags are a must at any party. just in case you didn't know.

party hats

the little sweetness with her new baby be blessed dolly

i think she likes her

the birthday girl and her mommy

ready for some birthday party swimming {in 62 weather}

rebecca, me, eric & amy {unintentional pattern makers that we are} enjoying celebrating our niece.
it was a great party with so many cute, creative and special details. good work, mike & hillary, on a party well-thrown and a baby well-made.
happy birthday isabella!

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  1. That tutu was to cute for words. Love all the party favors and decorations. Mommy went all out, she is a doll baby that is for sure, kathysue