da.na.na.na.na.na you say it’s your birthday

Things I love about my momma:
{in no particular order}

:: she is really good at sewing
:: she loves, L.O.V.E.S. her grandchildren
:: there are moms who get their hair wet in a pool and moms who don't. She's a get-her-hair-wet, for sure. but even better, she'll dive off the high dive, given the chance.
:: you can always count on her to bring see's chocolates to christmas
:: she finds little gifts while traveling about and wraps them up cute
:: she has a love affair with costco, craig’s list and marshalls, and finds some amazing deals: ::when her oven doesn't act up, her pies are the best
:: she's always up for an adventure
:: there is no one more enjoyable to watch open a gift, play 'oh suzanna' on a harmonica, or eat an ear of corn
:: she is young at heart and young in beauty and is often mistaken for our sister {and she loves it}
::  she married a man who loves her, loves to have fun and loves this {ever-growing} family




  1. What a sweet post -- and what a great mom!!

  2. Mom does look like your sister, what a beautiful lady and lucky you to have that gene pool to fall back on. Your future looks pretty good!! Kathysue

  3. Happy birthday to an obviously wonderful lady - you're right, she could definitely pass for your sister! :)

  4. Beautiful... what a treasure mothers are!