pretty things

I’m back from my retreat and had the most amazing, refreshing, encouraging time. I have much to process, and I’m guessing there will be a few ‘journal-ish’ posts in the next few days.

Have you ever been to a women’s retreat? There are a lot of tears. Good ones, sad ones, freeing ones. I cried some tears for myself and buckets of tears for my sweet friends and, my goodness, do my eyes ache!

So, for now, let’s just look at a few pretty things to soothe these puffy eyes.


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{I am terrible about crediting photos – I just save them in my file and often forget to save the source. I’m working on that …}


  1. beautiful pictures....
    and beautiful blog!
    XO Jill

  2. I must say my eyes feel oh so good with all the pretty images!!Glad you had a good time at your retreat!! Happy Sunday,Kathysue

  3. What beautiful, feminine pictures to post after your weekend women's retreat! It sounds like you had a wonderful time, can't wait to read more about it.

  4. I went to a four-day retreat in Colorado called "Captivating" last month, so I know EXACTLY how your eyes feel. Just when I thought I didn't have a tear left, I wept again...so cleansing! And I'm STILL processing. I hope that God will continue to delight your heart long after this retreat weekend!


  5. Emily... I wish I was still at suncadia!!

    I love the first 3 pictures.... I especially love the bedroom one! I think we have the exact same taste!!!