the office

In my old office, I had this fabulously large chalkboard where I could write out all of my to-do lists. I like to-do lists. Actually, I like crossing things off to-do lists – it makes me feel productive. Sometimes I’ll write down something obvious just so that I can cross it off {like ‘eat breakfast’ or ‘pick up Ethan from bus’}.


This chalkboard {salvaged from an old school} fit perfectly on the wall in my old office, but just couldn’t work in the new one.


So I went with the ever-popular chalkboard wall.


No. 2 and No. 3 helped ‘season’ it


and Audrey-girl watched


until it looked like this.


Then I wiped it down to give it that slightly old dusty look that we all love.


Today I’m finishing up this wall and can’t wait for the final results.

And, of course, crossing it off my to-do list.


  1. Wow, that will provide you with plenty of space to make great lists! I'm a list maker, myself - I could make lists of lists. :) I have a large white board on the wall in my office and different sets of tasks are written in different colors of dry erase markers. It just makes me feel good to see everything so organized, and like you, I love to be able to cross something off my list.

  2. What a great wall for to-do-lists. I'm a list girl myself. Great idea Emily!

  3. love it..love the contrast of the utility of the chalkboard with the fancy wall...perfect combo..like that little desk too..oh and i am back in love with black furniture..wonder why?;;;;

  4. Oh my gosh, Im not sure which I like like better the chalk board or Audreys awesome pants in the last photo!