Thanks for all of the kind comments about my baby's outfits and my silly pose on the edge of the tub. You guys are funny.

I had some questions about where my Audrey-girl gets her clothes. She does have some pretty cute ones!

While I'll be happy to tell you our sources, I will preface it by saying 98% of what she wears are hand-me-downs from my super stylish nieces and baby friends. Therefore, most of these items are no longer in stores. I’ve added a few of my own touches, but for the most part, Audrey is just a mini Caroline, Isabella & Matilda.

IMG_2301 IMG_2148

1. dress: old navy, socks: trumpette mary janes

2. shirt: gymboree, jeans: gap, shoes: gap

IMG_2156 IMG_2200

3. pants: made by my mom, shirt: gap, shoes: gap

4. dress: H&M, shoes: gap

IMG_2280 IMG_2290

5. overalls {with chocolate spilled from my donut – oops!}: gymboree, shirt: gymboree, socks: trumpette

6. cloud dress: target, pants: gap, shoes: made by me

Lots of questions about her sweet headbands too. I make them.

It is not surprising that she doesn't wear much pink, since it really isn't my favorite color. But I'm also finding that she looks best in NOT pink - I think she has inherited my coloring. And I also find that I dress her in clothes that I would wear. Simple, classic, layers, plain colors. And finally, I will say that dressing her is VERY fun for me. I'll try not to put too much emphasis on her looks as I don't want her to associate her value with her outward beauty, but seriously, dressing a little girl is so much different than dressing my boys.

We are having some amazing weather this week, so we’ll be out enjoying the sun. Hope you all have something special to do with someone special this weekend!


  1. I LOVE her headbands! How on earth do you make them??

  2. You should sell the headbands...too cute.

  3. She is one chic little lady. How lucky you are to have a beautiful daughter to play dress up with! I just had my third (and final) son...luckily I have nieces to buy pretty things for. :)