prom 2010

I went to prom this weekend. No, not high school prom. 

I have some pretty crazy friends who decided it would be fun to have a night out with outfits circa our high school proms {for me, that’s 1997}, dinner, dancing & bowling. 


The girls. My best friend is on the far left and she was the cutest pregnant prom goer ever.

By the way, there are 18 kids between all of us. That is a lot of children.


The guys. See that stud in the white tux & afro? That’s my date.


The boys came to watch us all be photographed and were a little weirded out by my lipstick. As was I.

We ate at a great restaurant where we caused a few heads to turn {twelve 30-somethings wearing crazy prom attire? Not something you see everyday}. 

In true Prom fashion, we cast ballots for our 2010 king & queen {aren’t they darling!}, then hit the dance floor where we learned a few swing dancing steps and looked a bit silly while doing them.

30108_388764860221_579170221_4173475_6777152_n-1  30108_388764895221_579170221_4173481_6389557_n-1 

Then, off we went to the bowling alley {something I haven’t done since high school and will definitely do again soon! I’m horrible, but it is fun}.


It was such a great night to just do something out of the ordinary, spend time with people we enjoy and make a fun memory.

Next up: wedding renewals in Vegas 2012, wedding dresses and all.


  1. oh my word. this is awesome! love it.

  2. BEST.IDEA.EVER! I love this, I bet you all were turning heads the entire night!

  3. Your dress is exactly what I had my bridesmaids wear in 1998! But mine were champaign color.