what i wear

This is sort of all over the blog world: WHAT I WORE. I love it. I think it is fun to see outfits that other women are wearing. It gives me ideas and it motivates me to actually put something interesting on. So I thought I’d try to join the party.

Here is the first day:


When getting ready to take the picture, I realized that I don’t have a full length mirror. I stand on the edge of our bathtub. And photographing me standing on the edge of the bathtub looks way too silly to continue. Plus, my clothes are not very interesting.

But  T H I S  girl … she has some cute ones.

So we’ll switch it up and call it “what Audrey wore”.

IMG_2301 IMG_2200    IMG_2156IMG_2280

IMG_2148 IMG_2290

That’s much better.


  1. Sweetness. How cute are those red shoes?

  2. She is precious! Where do you find her clothes?

    I'd still love to see pictures of your outfits as well! You have such a great style!

    I had the same problem! I actually was doing the tub pose too, afraid that I'd fall in, I scrapped that idea! :)
    Thankfully my mirror moves - ha! :)

    Your little lady is quite a fashion'ista!!!
    Sooo precious! Her red shoes ROCK! :)


  4. You looked adorable in your picture - AND YOUR DAUGHTER - absolutely precious. I love your baby style - wondering where you find most of her clothes... so sweet!

  5. Great. Now I want a baby.

  6. Love her clothes- and really loved your picture. My full length mirrior is the door to the back porch.

  7. Your outfit was cute, but that looked a little dangerous. Your little girl is too cute!! My favorite was the jeans with red shoes outfit. So cute!

  8. That is the best dressed baby I've ever seen!

  9. I love your oufit, but I understand- my full length mirror deficiency keeps me from participating as well. That, and the fact that I'm a terrible outfitter. ;)

    But that Audrey of yours, what a CUTIE!! Red is her color!

  10. She is beyond cute and the way you dress her is absolutely adorable, My favorites are all her cute little shoes!! How fun, I think you look pretty darn cute also, Kathysue

  11. Love your outfit and Audrey is adorable! I REALLY need info on her super cute clothes!!! I did giggle, a little when I saw you standing on the tub =-)

    BTW - your office looks awesome! I can't imagine how you have time!!!

  12. SO cute! I am visiting from your link on The Pleated Poppy. What a sweet idea too - your daughter is precious and those outfits are great. The bathtub photo is great. That's the only way I ever see myself full length too...thank goodness! :)

  13. Love your outfit (and your pose on the edge of the bathtub!)! Your little girl is adorable - I always say that my daughter is FAR better dressed than her mommy. :)

  14. I have the same bathtub issue! My second opportunity of the day to check out my whole self is walking up to the reflective glass entrance to my office.

    But by then, it's too late to change.

    Love those styling outfits Audrey's modeling. So cute.

  15. Nancy13.5.10

    First of all you're a great dresser! Um remember me asking where you got your jeans? Yeah you totally need to share your own outfits! And we all want to know where you're getting Audrey's outfits. I think my own Audrey would look cute in a couple of those!

  16. Her headbands are totally cute! Where can I find these?