butler’s pantry

Our house is very neutral.  I like it that way.

Around Christmas, Ryan had the itch to add some color into our lives in the form of fire engine red {kind of fitting as he is a fire fighter}.  Our butler’s pantry is inconspicuous enough and could handle a little something fun, so I just went with it.


It was not right.

Too bright. Too shiny. Too not us.


So yesterday {yes, six months later}, I finally painted it back to a color I love … BM Texas Leather.

 IMG_2725 IMG_2726

Ahhh … so much better.

As I was taking a picture I realized I’ve never shown this fun feature of our house:


A salvaged window attached to a barn door track creating a separation between our entry & dining room.  One of my favorite things we’ve done with this house. Not particularly the safest thing to have a giant hanging single-pane window in the middle of your house when you have three rambunctious boys, but it sure makes a statement!

Enjoy your weekend.  It’s still raining around here, but boy are the plants green.

We’re hoping to launch our new website early next week, so be on the look-out!


  1. Texas Leather may by my all time favorite color! I have it in my master bath, foyer, and back hall. It's been in since I move here (almost 5 years) and I don't think I'll ever tire of it! I love how it's not quite warm and not quite cool. It's the perfect neutral. It looks great in your butler's pantry! Love your salvaged window too.

  2. Love the new color and that window - AMAZING! It looks great in your house!

  3. absolutely love the window! amazing!

  4. that door is awesome!

    Texas leather! in honor of me right?! ha...actually, that looks very similar to SW hopsack..love that color..have it in my master bath and want to paint my diinng room this color..it is currently RED..getting so sick of red::)) but i dont think i will ever get rid of my red front door! loved seeing the door...and that chandelier is fab!;;;

  5. Believe it or not, I've never seen that shade before but I love it and will make a note of it for some future home project. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Love your paint color change and that hanging window is perfect and a very fun touch!

  7. swooning over your window on the barn door track. such a great feature!

  8. OOh love the door & the paint color!!!!

  9. that window is AMAZING! and so is the Texas leather paint...