what i wore

I’ve been pretty diligent about photographing my outfits this week. One night we got home late and I went into the bathroom with the camera, took a picture, and came out to my husband’s very curious face.  He couldn’t figure out why I was taking pictures in the bathroom late at night! Oh, the things I do for my blog-friends.

So here I am this week.  I’ll include sources but let me forewarn you: nothing I have on was purchased recently, so you won’t find it in a store. Not much help, I know, but you probably don’t want anything I have on anyway … pretty boring, schmoring. Except my jeans. I do like those.


sweater: banana republic, shirt: hmmm? given to me by rae, jeans: banana republic, shoes: bp nordstrom


sweatshirt jacket: target, shirt: the Rack, jeans: citizens of humanity


sweater: nordstrom, scarf: gap, jeans: citizens of humanity, belt: target {I think I’ve had it since 8th grade – that’s how fashionable I am}.


This is a pretty good look. I was wearing something else, but before I had the chance to photograph myself, little miss decided to lose her entire lunch all down the front of me. So I opted for this ensemble instead.

sweats: martin & osa, shirt: gap


This is the late at night shot.

jacket: banana republic, blouse: banana republic, jeans: Seven A pocket, shoes: BP Nordstrom


sweater: Marshalls, shirt: Marshalls, pants: banana republic, shoes: Rack.


sweater: Marshalls, shirt: old navy, shoes: payless, jeans: Seven flare  - my absolute favorites that did not come distressed – those holes are seriously from wearing them so much. My husband begs me to throw them out, but it pains me to think about it.

Only one of Audrey this week.

IMG_2614 IMG_2615

dress & shoes: janie & jack, headband: me.

One more thing: under every single outfit, I am wearing these two items.

image image

hanes mens A shirt {who needs to buy cute camisoles when you can get three basic ones for $10?} and an empire tank.

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  1. Emily you just look darling in all your photos! and so skinny for just having a baby!! Love the layered look and all your cute shoes!

  2. Love all of your sweaters! Great job!

  3. Anonymous2.6.10

    Belt from 8th grade...and it still fits...WOW!! Lucky you!

  4. Never throw away those jeans! They are seriously ADORABLE! I loooove the holes in them, too cute! :)

  5. All great outfits, I particularly love the green bracelet and fabulous jeans in the first picture! I agree with the last commenter - you are able to wear a belt from middle school AND you recently had a baby?! I'm in awe. :)

  6. Your outfits are really cute. I like your late night outfit and the green sweater outfit the best. Your kind of like me - I tend to be a solids girl!

  7. i love these posts. In college, I remember wishing I could dress like you...(the california girls always wished we could dress like the pac nw girls! :) Cute sweaters and shoes!! ;) I don't think I used to own any sweaters down there. You look absolutely amazing, miss mother of 4!!! love your style.

  8. First of all, it's hard to believe you've had 4 kids. You look great! And a belt since junior high!!! :)
    Second, I posted a few pictures of homes here in Galati today and linked over to your blog and post. Just thought you might like to see...there isn't anything super duper, but there's a few:

  9. Nancy3.6.10

    Boring schmoring...whatev!
    Love that first outfit! I'd buy it!
    And yeah hard to believe you just had bebe #4!

  10. LOVE that you have been doing this! You have great style! :)

  11. my favorite outfit is number one and three and I am surprised Ryan does not like the Torn up jeans! James would think that was sexy!!

  12. Look at how adorable you are!!!! Love your style...Janell