how many times have i said these words to my children? i’m not sure what it is about the door, but it is just so irresistable to those little hands. which is precisely why i don’t want them slammed … they love little fingers! so, to avoid all finger injuries, my dear friend gifted me with her new creation:

TH E   D O O R   B U M P E R.

IMG_9499 IMG_9484 IMG_9486 IMG_9488 IMG_9490 IMG_9494

at my christian university, we had a ‘shoe-in-the-door’ policy. when there was a friend of the opposite sex in your dorm room, a shoe should be placed in the doorway as a sign to others walking the halls and for accountability {what exactly would you do if the door was open for all to hear/see? probably not much}. 

IMG_9495 IMG_9496

while i’m not exactly worried about the dating practices of my four-year-old, i certainly do like being able to hear what’s going on in his room.


perhaps you do too? these door bumpers will be introduced soon by ARMOMMY.COM {i’m just the lucky prototype girl}.

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