craft day

i made my first dress a few weeks ago. my dear friend nicole was due with her first baby girl and i was just sure i could make a sweet little dress for her. the dress turned out pretty cute {for a first try} but the best part was this little flower that i made to put on it.

i found the pattern online and then played around with the sizes and number of layers to switch it up a little. a few of my girlfriends liked how they turned out, so we thought we'd have a little flower making party.

three of my favorite people {actually, four, including baby tilly} came over for a little crafting. we had such a nice time visiting and crafting that we're planning on lots of new projects to do together {bags are coming up next and i can't wait}

the girls

my friend used to work at the design center and has tons of fabric samples. although she was slightly frustrated trying to get all the stripes to line up {perfectionist that she is}, it turned out really great.

here is a cute little one {we love tulle}.

and look at our finished product. it is darling. we changed the pattern from ruffled edges to just circles and added tons of tulle and it turned out perfectly. i adore this baby's cheeks.

and this is totally off the subject, but i've been playing around with our camera settings and learned from mckmama how to take a shot with a blurry background. i tried it out at the park the other day and love the photo i got of no. 3's salt water sandals.

someday i'm sure he will question me as to why i made him wear salt water sandals, and i will happily reply that although i will agree they are slightly dorky, i do love them on his chunky feet.


  1. um, this is your poorly behaved friend. i am posting a cute picture of noe wearing that exact flower on a headband. yes, she wore the headband for about 1 hour. making progress. micah, on the other hand, wore it for about 2!

  2. Your flowers are adorable... I had found that same flower pattern online! Fantastic pattern! It looks so sweet when attached to a pillowcase dress for something extra.

  3. cute flowers! :) i like a good crafty person! have a good week.