the nursery {part one of many I’m sure}

Just to recap: I have three boys. Our house is full of legos and trucks and blue.  And now, I am expecting a baby girl. Pink? Flowers? Baby dolls? Hair bows? All so exciting and yet so foreign to me! As I've shopped and looked at pictures, I'm realizing that I really don't love pink. Or super girly things. I guess if you'd look around my house you'd see that I like glamour and sparkly things, but also really masculine colors and industrial stuff.  It's an odd mix that I adore.
Anyway, while looking at the henri & flora website, I came across this:


and this:

pleated skirt

I just can’t get over how cute these outfits are. I want them both {hint, hint}. There is something about the simplicity of the designs, the traditional elements of the cable knit sweater, mary jane shoes and pleated skirts, the colors.

So, I think I’m going to base my little darling’s room off of them. Let’s call the theme:

Subtly girly in grey & whites with just a touch of Blue

(and maybe a little linen and silver and gold, too)

so let’s start with this inspiration board.

color palatte

and this one. Now, I don’t totally want to go “tiffany blue” or “robin’s egg blue”. More of a combo of many shades leaning towards a grey blue. And not a lot of it. I think.

color palette

This room is pretty. Probably more blue than I’d like, but pretty.


I like the color of the cabinets with the burlap roman shade and pearly back splash. I know, a kitchen as a nursery inspiration. I’m crazy.


I’ve admired these tin boxes for a long time. I like their industrial yet glamorous look.


Good touch of gold on this one. I found this in my file of things I like and didn’t even realize it had the look I wanted for the nursery – sparkly, elegant, vintage, simple.

Rå elegnnnans

not sure why this one is here, but i like it.


I adore this linen chair and the canopy on the crib is a pretty, if not terribly impractical and hazardous {i’ll probably do it anyway}.


Our crib is white and I have half a mind to paint it a perfect shade of blue/grey that I have. It’s a lot of work … worth it?

and i’ve asked ryan to put up wainscotting 2/3 up the wall in her room. he said no. maybe i’ll give it a shot?



first off, i love the petunia picklebottom diaper bag in the lower corner. i’d like it {hint, hint}. And we have a painted dresser coming to us which would make a perfect changing table.


thinking I may embellish some curtains with ruffles/pleats. 3649125400_aff19fab33_o

there is a perfect nook in the baby’s room to do this with. i’ll ponder it for a while because have you ever seen anything cuter?

colgan-changing-l eggframe

i’ve admired this fabric for a while. Not sure if the colors are exactly right, but it is an option for something. FR-4064-500px

this is another really random image that I guess I just like.


sparkly. industrial.


cute ruffles.


love it.


and this.

Necklace 003

i’m pretty sure she’ll need this garland somewhere in her room.


So there is the start. I’m pretty excited and will start gathering more thoughts in the next month or so.

Stay tuned for lots more on this.

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  1. YES YES YES!! do it! oh i cannot wait to see what you come up with. what about a gold or silver-leafed crib with all white. girly, ruffled bedding?? both would be easily done on a crib.