birthday gift

grandma nonna has great style. i love everything she does to her house and most of anything 'cool' in my house is from her. so when her birthday comes around, i always want to find just the right gift for her. this year, i brainstormed {while drying my hair ... you know, all good brainstorming happens in the bathroom} and came up with the perfect gift. they love to eat ice cream, but have about three bowls. for someone who adores dishes the way she does, i don't really understand where all the bowls are. but we eat ice cream out of the three bowls and then move on to coffee mugs {she does have my favorite emma bridgewater one that really makes eating ice cream out of a coffee cup quite pleasant}. but they needed some bowls.

so i started with these:

nice little white ceramic ramekins from fred meyer {$3.99 each}

and turned them into these:

i love them! and most importantly, grandma nonna does too.

h a p p y . b i r t h d a y . r o b y n