our kitchen

When we moved into our new home, we knew right away what we wanted to do to the kitchen. But ripping out cabinets and painting over perfectly good ones when the house was mere months old? It sounded a little crazy to us. Then, we realized that it is our house and it should reflect us. Our style is not so much medium wood color with terrible bumpy porcelain tile and contemporary lighting. We did the best with what we had until we finally had the energy, ideas and funds to do a little facelift.

Here is what the kitchen looked like b

and after:

We painted the lower cabinets glossy white, took out the upper cabinets
{ms. laundry room thanks us for mr. kitchen's generous donation}
and turned our standard-builder kitchen into our own cottage/industrial style.

The island was re-shaped to give us more counter space as well as this
great little bookshelf to hold cookbooks and the all-important kid cooking gear.

The little beverage cooler is one of our favorite things about the kitchen.
We thought it would be a great place to put kid's drinks, snacks, etc.,
but look closely and you'll see who has taken it over.

Our built-in bench {which will someday have a cushion}
and simple table & bench purchased at cb2.

the coffee center

coffee in glass jars with a silver baby cup as a scoop. simple things make me so happy.

one of my favorite details ... silver glitter numbers hidden above the doorway.

We are so happy with the outcome ... it feels so much more like us. Lots of painting, sanding, late-night nail-gunning {oh, how our neighbors adored us!} and we have a whole new look.
We do love it.


  1. Beautiful!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. beautiful!! want to come and do mine :)

  3. absolutely beautiful, like a breath of fresh air!!

  4. I love it - you certainly put your own stamp on this and the beadboard with darker color above is stunning. And details like the coffee scoop make me want to run and copy you!!

  5. How amazing, it looks like something straight out of a magizine. YOU INSPIRE ME, HAPPY NEW YEAR

  6. Love every single thing about it.

  7. Love your kitchen. Love the trim. Just love it.

  8. Wow, beautiful kitchen!!!

  9. Beautiful home and GREAT transformation! I love your kitchen. Did you paint the cabinets or did you hire a painter??? I'm thinking about doing mine...

  10. Oh, I just love this kitchen I have spent most of the last 24 hours pouring over every last detail...just wondering where have you gotten alot of your glass jars, apothocary and otherwise?! I swear I used to seem them all the time and now I am having a hard time...?! And, loved yourf elt show flowers - happy shower!