the living room

Our living room {family room, great room, everything room} is my favorite.
You will see that I am not much of a color person {hence, my love of black, white & taupe}
and this room is such a perfect reflection of my taste.
A little girly, but with a houseful of boys, I
had to keep it slightly masculine as well.

I A D O R E the linen couch, but I will admit, it is not practical. Neither are the chairs.
Or the many pillows. Or the mirrored glass tables. Or the shell lamps.
{hmm, it seems my house is not as practical as I once thought ...}

I love decorating my mantel with little vignettes. They are ever-changing and make me happy. My mother-in-law is the greatest resource for anything cool, and this silver urn came from her. I have a thing for bridges and love this little wire one. On the other side is a framed sample of wallpaper from Farrow & Ball that I'm just dying to wallpaper my entry with.

My latest pillow endeavors included this darling one made of linen with a little silk flower on it.
Cute, but again, not practi

This is my favorite spot in the house. It is just a hallway, but I love the book pages wallpapered to the wall and the juxtaposition of all of my country accents on the modern table.

We get the most comments on our 'chandelier'. It is from potterybarn
and the little candle holders were found somewhere online {ask Ryan}.
It looks great all lit up at night, although that rarely happens.

Since Ryan has lots of mountain rescue skills and can tie a mean knot,
he had fun with this one. Hanging it, however, was not so fun.

And that, my friends, is our living room.
Want to come over?


  1. Your living room is so cute!! THanks for sharing, love your style!!

  2. For some reason.. cannot see pics, says page not found?? However, your kitchen is fantastic.

  3. Wisg I could have seen the pics. It sounds fabulous but they aren't showing up. Bummer!

  4. YES! I want to come over! Missed a lot of the pics too, but saw enough to know it looks fan-stinkin-awesome! You're quite the decorator and not "afraid" to use your skills. Great job and thanks for inviting us in.

  5. You have great vision!! I love your kitchen too!!

  6. Your living room is perfect! I love your color scheme. (I'm not a fan of much color either.) Thanks for sharing. Your wall of book pages adds a wonderful texture and patterned backdrop for your modern table. Love it all!