i can’t live without …

well, actually, I can’t live without a lot of things {God, my family, chocolate}.

Instead, I should call this, I COULDN’T BREASTFEED WITHOUT …

because, truly, I don’t know what I did before this invention.

My very good friend created this brilliant undergarment. I wear one everyday.

I am pleased to introduce you to the



This little wonder is much like a tube top, only it is worn under your bra line. It doesn’t seem too impressive upon first glance, but believe me, it is amazing.

Here are my top three benefits:

1. It keeps you all tucked in. We all know that after expanding incredibly, a stomach takes quite a while to go back to normal {if ever …}. This is just tight enough to slim you without the uncomfortable squeeze of wearing spanx. 

2. It hides the beautiful reality of back fat.  Have you ever sat behind someone who is breastfeeding? Ever noticed that no nursing cover can quite cover a mamma’s side and back? You lift up your shirt to feed your baby, and out pops the flab leftover from growing the precious darling. Not something I’d like to show the world.  An empire tank is worn under your bra so that when you lift your shirt, you keep your torso covered by the tank. IN.GEN.IOUS.

3. Do I really need another benefit? I’d say the first two are enough. However, I will also say that I love supporting my dear friend. She has worked tirelessly on creating a company for moms, she is creative beyond belief, such a thoughtful friend and great mom. I think supporting other companies created by moms is one of the best things we can do for each other.

Check out her little company video {shot at my house! How fun it was despite my nasty nausea at the time}

Rae has generously offered a 25% discount on any of her AROMMY products.


                                                                                                                   {the smib – part smock, part bib}

image image image

{another product I can’t live without once my kiddos are eating real food. And just look at that little cutie in the orange shirt – my darling no. 3}

image image

                                            {stationery}                                                                                                                                                 {flowers}

image image

                                                           {door bumper. Yet ANOTHER one I can’t live without. No more slamming doors}

  image image

image image



Visit AROMMY’s blog here. If you’d like to place an order with the 25% discount, please email rae@armommy.com directly.

ooohhh, can’t wait for this company to just take off {and for my back fat to magically melt away…}


  1. Brilliant! I wish I would have had this three kids ago. :) Cute stuff. Thanks for sharing.

    Congrats on the new little one! I also have three boys, so if you have any tips on how you made the girl... I'm all ears ha! (even though I wouldn't trade these wild boys for anything).

  2. I was just going to post "brilliant" when I noticed farmhouse mama posted that above! But it IS brilliant. Wish I had these when I was nursing my two. I would wear a tank over my nursing bra to keep IT all in. Lovely lovelies. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Anonymous13.3.10

    Just thought I would let you know that this is a product that has been around at least since I was pregnant with my first child in '06. I am having a hard time finding a link at the moment, but I will come back and link it as soon as I find it. It is made by a mom here locally in Utah and it is called blush or something like that... Just thought I would share...

  4. Anonymous14.3.10

    I have enjoyed very much reading your blog and getting to "meet" your friends and family through various posts. what a cool company! Thanks for sharing.


  5. I am having a hard time finding the link to those tank tops to see the cost and what not to order them.
    love your blog.