my house plant woes

When Ryan and I were first married and moved into our first home, I bought a maidenhair fern. I’ve always loved their frilly leaves and I figured a home is more homey when plants are present.

plants 6

Fern didn’t live too long.  I learned quickly that 1. maidenhair ferns are quite temperamental and 2. I am not very good at keeping plants alive.

See exhibit a:

 IMG_0989 IMG_0990

my nearly dead topiary. This is my third one {the first two met a similar ‘oops, I went out of town and forgot to water you’ fate.}

And exhibit b:

 IMG_0994 IMG_0996

The bay leaf topiary that my sweet husband bought for me for Mother’s Day last year. I have tried SO hard to keep this one alive and I think it is time I just admit defeat.  The leaves are all dried out and I’m pretty sure they are not going to perk up no matter how much water I give them.

Last spring I found a perfect maidenhair fern at Pottery Barn.


One that I can never kill as it is made of plastic.


I’m not really a fan of fake plants, but sometimes you just have to go with it.

I love the way a room looks with some fresh greenery in it.

plants 5  plants 2  plants 4

Which is why while walking through the grocery store the other day, I decided to give it another shot.

IMG_1001 IMG_1000

It is nearly spring and I’m just needing some green in my life. Plus, for $7.49, I can afford to replace miss azalea when she meets her inevitable fate.

If you have any tips on keeping houseplants alive, feel free to send them my way. Clearly, I could use all the help I can get.


  1. Thank you for making me feel like I am not alone in this. I have such a black thumb. My husband has given me permission to spend what ever it takes to buy really nice fake ones because he know in the long run it will be cheaper. I have found a few that are so close and I love them. Good luck

    You baby is just beautiful, my oldest daughter is named Audrey.

    Cha Cha

  2. jkimbrell6.3.10

    make sure you are buying houseplants. While an azalea has beautiful color...not really a houseplant. Corn Plants are really easy house plants and very difficult to kill.

  3. i'm forever killing houseplants. I've tried 2 of those expensive myrtle topiaries and killed them both. I won't buy any more cuz I kiil them every time! Right now I have rosemary in the house which feels springy but it's already leaving me. Luckily it was like 3 bucks and I can just replace it. I think you need more than a green thumb for houseplants.

  4. I am with you, but I have found a couple that I can grow. I think that is the trick, find some that can't be killed and keep those on hand. Topiaries are hard, most are done with plants that are suppose to be outside so when we bring them in they die,bummer. I agree every room needs something green in it. I did a post called PPL about paint,plants and light, The three cheapest decorating tools that change a room more than anything. Good luck on Miss Azaela!!she is awfully pretty,Kathysue

  5. Succulents are really in style right now. ;)

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