the nursery

My heart is happy every time I walk past Audrey’s nursery. The colors, the patterns, the fact that it is the girliest place in our house.  At first, when Ryan saw the color I was asking him to paint, he questioned me. Why blue? It was my one chance to go pink, and I chose blue.  I guess I’m just not as crazy about pink as I am blue. I’ve realized as I’ve spent time in her room, that if I could decorate my home any way I wished {without considering the four males that reside with me} it would look very much like our sweet Audrey’s room.

So let me welcome you to the nursery {beware, there are many photos!}

First, the before.

IMG_6006  windows

This was previously a boy’s nursery {go figure} and I loved the stripes. I originally wanted to use our guest room as the new nursery and us this room as the guest room so that I wouldn’t have to paint over the stripes, but that didn’t happen. So goodbye stripes.

And here it is now:






 IMG_1284    IMG_1283   IMG_1293 IMG_1296 IMG_1297 IMG_1299 IMG_1303



 IMG_1307IMG_1271IMG_1306  IMG_1328IMG_1308 IMG_1310 IMG_1313  IMG_1316   IMG_1322  IMG_1326

We’re still missing a few key elements {a chandelier - I just haven’t found the right one; a large sheepskin rug; a canvas painted with her scripture verse on it; a few more pillows}, but it is as good as it will get for today. The rest will happen over time. I’m learning to be okay with that …

Some of my favorite things:

:: the wallpaper {actually flat sheets of gift wrap that I have adored for a long time}

:: the ruffles on the curtains

:: the old gold frames {from my grandparents’ collection. They passed before I really knew them, but I think we would have gotten along beautifully. Both were actors and artists – my grandfather did set designs for theater, my grandma taught acting classes to Judy Garland. My mom mentions often that I would have loved her home growing up – glamorous and eclectic at the same time.}

:: the vintage little dresses {I bought one before I was even married and the other was my mom’s}

:: the pink ruffle pillow {I was not planning on putting pink into the room, but I found the pillow and then my mom gave me the crown artwork and it just came together.}

I really love all of the room. I was concerned that I had a vision that I wasn’t going to be able to translate into real life, but I think I got it pretty close.



  1. I must agree it is a pretty special room. Feminine but not that I am tooooo sweet for words feninine. I like this much better. I love the slight ruffle on the window treatment and the way you framed shoes and bonnet and the sweet little dresses. You should enjoy it, I know I would. Kathysue

  2. What a breath of fresh air!!! This room is such a great example of how girlie does not have to always be pink. Yes!!!! Love all the softness, the subtlety, the femininity, the history. Are you serious...that's not actual wallpaper? It's smaller sheets? Awesome. Love the color of the bed, did you paint it? Gorgeous pattern on the crib bedding!

  3. Absolutely stunning! You do an amazing job! Very pretty!

  4. How beautiful! So soothing, I'm sure you love spending time in this sweet room. All of the details are wonderful, but the ruffle on the window treatment is my personal favorite!

  5. Anonymous17.3.10

    Can you post where the bumper pad fabric came from? I have been looking for a linen that color for forever! I love your sweet little girl's room...so timeless!

  6. What a gorgeous room! I am especially in love with the bumper fabric! Would you mind sharing what fabric that is? I want to make some throw pillows for my family room in that pattern.

    God Bless your sweet family!


  7. Thank you so much for posting the pics. I've been checking everyday!=) It turned our beautiful. And I love blue for a girl's room.

  8. I've been waiting to see it, beautiful.
    Love the color choice.

  9. I'm officially addicted to your blog. Love the room. Actually, I loved the pictures of it before too.

    ~Hill's friend Meghan

  10. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! It's beautiful. Very eclectic, yet very pulled together at the same time. The details are gorgeous.


  11. You did a beautiful job of using your inspirations to complete the room. I am sure it is even more lovely in person. Well done!

  12. It's gorgeous! I've really been feeling the same way- not wanting to wait to do all the things I want to do with my house. Thanks for writing that- that you're learning to be ok with some things having to wait, it was encouraging to me. Love the artwork.

  13. oh Emily it is so pretty! you did a great job, I love the color of the walls and it is so soothing and pretty! I am glad you went with blue instead of pink great choice!!! thank you for showing us where your princess sleeps!

  14. So sweet and just breathtaking.. feels new and vintage at the same time!

  15. Trust me -- it's even more beautiful in person!
    So I'm going to Paris next week - what do you think I should bring her??
    (btw, this is her mom)

  16. Audrey's nursery is both beautiful and soothing. It looks like a wonderful place for a little girl to grow. Great work!

  17. Emily! These photos are going in my 'dream folder'.....sigh - it is simply fabulous! What a gift for your sweet girl. Love it! xoxo

  18. Really REALLY adorable. Love the crib bedding!

  19. Anonymous27.3.10

    Beautiful! Your colors are almost exactly like what I'm trying to work out for my kids' room (my son and daughter will be sharing a room). Do you mind sharing what the paint color is on the walls and the shelves?
    Also, did you have the curtains custom-made? Are they gray or brown? The color of my monitor may be making it hard to tell. Thanks for posting this--it is seriously an inspiration for me!

  20. Sooo gorgeous! This is exactly how I would want a little girls room :)

  21. LOOOOVE this nursery! Love the blue, love the wallpaper, genius idea to have a big chair and BED in there. Your details are brilliant and charming!
    Thanks for linking to the parade!


  22. The vintage, framed, baby clothes are so cute! Beautiful room!

  23. Wow, it is SO pretty! My favorite part is the wallpaper and ruffled curtains. You did a great job with it! What a lucky little girl!

    -Krystal @ Sassy Sanctuary

  24. I love the blue too. It's so pretty and girly. The wrapping paper wall paper looks amazing. It feels like such a calming room. You did a beautiful job.

  25. lovely. pearls and linen make almost anything better in my humble opinion! what a lucky little girl!

  26. such a pretty room! the blue looks good