So I was just clicking through some photos from last summer and came across these from our trip to California last June. {I was about three days pregnant and had no idea at the time … how strange to think that Audrey was part of our family even then}. Anyway, I saw these from the fabulous {if not completely odd} farmers market in Santa Cruz and find it interesting that my outfit has a slight resemblance to yesterday’s look.

IMG_6450 IMG_6438 IMG_6440

I guess I do sort of wear the style I like. {This photo reminds me of one in US weekly in the column “Stars: They’re Just Like Us”. It shows celebrities doing the mundane things we all do ... pumping gas, eating an ice cream cone, walking the dog. If I were a star this would read: ‘Emily shops at the market with her kids’. For the record, I think it is the dumbest column ever. I once read one where a photographer caught Adam Sandler sneezing and the heading literally said, Adam Sandler sneezes. It is sad that somehow seeing famous people doing normal things makes us normal people feel better about ourselves. And yet, it totally does. Which is why I don't read US Weekly - unless I happen to see one at my sister's house and then I just might get really excited and take a peek. Sorry, that was a random tangent}.

In other news, I purchased a second pair of my very favorite jeans on ebay this morning for $15.99. That is about a $100 savings. And they are not even used. Now, if only I could squeeze into them …


  1. remember when amy used to have a subscription? that was kinda fun.

  2. NO WAY. on ebay???? i'm going to have to check it out.

  3. you are every bit as cute as that emerson chic...

    i want to know what your fave jeans? i think you said 7..i cant squeeze into those but you look great in them.

    pioneerwoman blog has a homeschooling section.. and this chick does and i have seen her homeschool room...cute..she put it in her formal dining room..she still has the table for parties.hopefully she has pictures on there somewhere..http://allthingshendrick.blogspot.com/search/label/homeschool


  4. I use to look just like you with my three boys. I had one in the stroller, one on the back and one on the side. I looked like a caravan. I remember people use to ask if they were all mine. For goodness sake there were only three. good luck with Home schooling you are very ambitious!!

  5. I love the look!
    WhereEVER did you get that fabulous purse? I love the colors!

  6. What a fashionable mommy! I love your sense of style!

  7. tammy12.4.10

    It is so funny what you said about the look of you shopping looking like a pic in Hollywood , because right when I saw that picture of you and before reading what you wrote.... I though, "oh that looks like the pictures in the magazines that I like to look at to see how the stars live!" Aren't we so funny!!?? Perhaps you were made for Hollywood because it totally looked like it in that pic!