it makes a mess to organize

You should have seen my house today. It was a DISASTER. Which is what happens when you start cleaning out closets, taking on projects and not picking up after the family. But I’m making progress on a few of the things I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time.


Like organize my fabrics.


And ribbons.

And make a few new spring pillows:

IMG_1927 IMG_1929 IMG_1930 IMG_1931


I also moved my office downstairs to make room for a lego room {you know your children have a great love of a toy when there is a room dedicated to it}, and rearranged the living room {which meant moving furniture all over the place}.

Things are mostly put back into place downstairs {pictures to come soon}, but you should see upstairs …


  1. tammy ludlow14.4.10

    OK, you are tooo creative! I really am addicted to those flowers and Elly owns 2. Rae made one for her and the other I bought at claires and it is not quality. I think you should teach me how to sew!! I LOVE the pillows. Also, I love the pink flower on that gals jacket but do you think it is too BIG? Why not you wear one first then I will copy you! lol


  2. Hi! I'm so jealous of your fabric/ribbon collection...I'm so not there yet! :) Did you make the yellow flowers on the pillow? If so, would you mind sharing how you made them?

  3. Emily how fun all of your pillows are I bet you smile evrytime you see them. I know what you mean about a mess before it is finally organized. I think that is why it is so hard to clean out closets,Kathysue

  4. I have been "stalking" your blog for a few months and love it. I have not left a comment before though I have wanted to. So today I love the blue pillow with the ruffles and was wondering did you sew the ruffles directly onto the pillow. And did you do the ruffles 1st and then sew onto the pillow, or did you do it all at once? Thanks for your time. Ginger

  5. Your pillows are just darling Emily! I love the pom pom trim and your piles of fabric are swoony!!

  6. my goodness, I have some kind ladies reading this blog! You all are great at boosting my creative self-esteem!

    Ginger: to make the ruffle pillow, I cut strips of fabric, make a long stitch down the middle, pull one thread to ruffle it. Then, once the main pillow fabric is cut into its size, I sew down the center of each ruffle directly onto the fabric. Then proceed as usual to finish the pillow {right sides together, sew the edges, leave a space to put in the pillow form, turn it right side out, then sew shut}. Hope that helps!

  7. LOVE your pillows! They are so fresh and fun. I can see how you'd want to start a million projects after seeing your fabric and ribbon stash. Almost every time I go to clean something out I find a project I just "must" finish asap. But it's a lovely reward for all that time organizing and cleaning. : )

  8. Wow, you are SO creative, everything looks wonderful! I'm going to start working on some pillows for my sitting room soon - do you have any advice on how to do the cording that surrounds the pillow? I also love your fabric stash - I organized mine this weekend but mine is nothing compared to yours. I don't need any more fabric, but I can't help but buy more!

  9. I am relating to this post 100%! OK...maybe 99% since I don't make awesome pillows (love yours!), but I know exactly what a mess the organizing process can be. It's the only way to really get things straight in the end...to get it all out and make a mess! And what a blessing to find inspiration along the way!