the carousel


The Lord speaks to His children.  Sometimes its just a feeling, sometimes a pretty clear word. Sometimes it comes in dreams or through someone’s words or a song. And sometimes it comes through a picture.

A few months ago while praying for a close friend, I got a picture of a carousel. It was going around and around with that tinkling music and colorful swirl of lights.  People were riding, laughing, smiling. And my friend was standing off to the side, taking it all in.

Now sometimes a picture is hard to interpret. Was the Lord really telling me something? Did I just have a picture of a carousel in my mind because I was recently at the zoo where there is a carousel?  Perhaps. But as I was reminded today, He uses everyday things to teach us something bigger.

As I was remembering this picture and reflecting on the meaning, I feel like it is something we all struggle with and really need to consider. 

I wonder how often we are observers rather than participators?

We see the adventure, but are held back from joining in.

It may be fear {what if its going to fast for me? what if i don’t get the horse I want? what if …}

It may be intimidation {I don’t know if I have it in me}

It may be the unknown {I’ve never done that before}

Whatever it is, it is holding us back from what the Lord has for each one of us. He wants us to be free, to have joy, to be part of a great adventure, to have meaning and a purpose. 

I’m challenged to figure out what my ‘carousel’ is and what is holding me back from jumping on.  I don’t want to merely watch, but I want to be a part of the ride.

I encourage you to do the same {and share with me any insight you might have!}.


  1. Anonymous15.1.10

    oh Emily, I have been going through this for some time with my day job...as it is not something I am in love with, it is if anything what pays the bills...as I dream of things I would love to do on a daily basis, of jobs I would take a million times over this one, I often wonder what is holding me back (besides the money)...and I find myself remaining comfortable in a job that sucks me dry most of the time. I do believe though, that at some point if you allow your heart to be open and you don't blink too quick your carousel will eventually stop spinning and let you on for the ride of your life! :){my experience; in having my son...an amazing carousel ride of a life time!}

  2. Emily,
    Love, love love the carosel analogy. How wonderful it is to be inspired by my girl. I was just thinking yesterday about a time a few years back when life seemed a dreaded struggle. I dreamed of a tunnel with a thorny bramble all around the walls yet I could see a small circle of light at the other end. It seemed to represent the season of life I was in and I just wanted to circumvent the tunnel and get to that lighted space that represented OUT of the struggle. But I felt God saying to me that I had to go through it. Just had to. And now that I look back and reflect on what's past and all that is now, and the future before me with a new husband on the short horizon and eight beloved grandchildren, I can see what God had intended for me and that not all in life is rosy. It's brambles and stickers and thorns at times, but He always leads the way. And the light comes.

    Heavens to Betsy I love you, Em! mom xo

  3. Anonymous1.2.10

    Thank you for the words of wisdom and encouragement...to seek the Lord and deepen as His daughters {or sons : )} I am glad you spoke of how the Lord speaks to us, as His children. my husband and I were just talking about the body of Christ missing "hearing" Him because they don't think they can, or even more true, they lack knowing the Holy Spirit and limit the depth they can reach with the Lord. I know He seeks to show us what His plan and purpose is- I am thankful for that! God bless you Emily.

    Glad to peruse your blog!