fancy shoes

I’d like to think that I am a pretty creative person. And, I guess, I am. However, most of my ideas come from someone else.

Like these shoes:


I love the burlap flower on the simple black shoes. I believe these little flowers are sold on etsy and I could have purchased a pair, but instead thought I could just make some myself.


I had some grey felt laying around and thought they’d be a cute flower for the winter. I put in a little tulle for fluff & some mini glass beads in the center.


They are attached to an alligator hair barrette covered in ribbon. A clip-on earring back would be the preferred method of attaching to a shoe, however, I do not regularly purchase clip-on earring backs and when I want to do a project, I just try to make do with what I have so that my boys do not have to accompany me to another craft store.


I also made this pair with dark grey felt.


Now, why, you might ask, am I adorning high heels when I am three weeks away from delivering a baby and should not actually be wearing them?


Because tomorrow is my baby shower and of course I want my feet to look fancy.


  1. Just darling Emily! have a wonderful time at your baby shower!!

  2. You are so creative! LOVE IT! Happy baby shower :)

  3. you are way too cute. Don't you just LOVE those shoe clips! One thing I don't mind that is back from the '80s.

    Have the best time at your shower tomorrow - no doubt you will be such a cute prego with those stylish stilettos on!!

    Hugs ~

  4. So cute! I'm impressed that you made those from things you already had!
    Have fun at your baby shower!

  5. Absolutely love them! I bought of few of these flower clips at H&M to add a little ruffle effect to any shirt or sweater. But I think I could use a few more...homemade :)

  6. Very cute! And I love that you are wearing heels so close to your due date - I wore them up to the end myself. I figured that if I had to wear clothes that looked like small tents, at least my feet could look cute!

  7. Have a fabulous time at your shower. I love the flowers...so much better than anything I've seen. I'm partial to big flowers too!

  8. These are beautiful! Have a wonderful, blessed baby shower!

    P.S. Can I have that adorable pillow on your couch? lol

  9. What a great idea! I love the fact that you attempt to re-create many things on your own. It inspires others to do the same. Enjoy all that is to come as you celebrate your new baby.

  10. Oh I love these ~ I am totally working on a pair. Hope your shower was wonderful!

  11. Too cute! have a great shower! Post pictures after!

  12. Love those shoes~ Best wishes on that sweet baby girl~

  13. You are amazingly creative! I've just stumbled upon your blog and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your style. I was wondering if you could give information on the glittered numbers and letters that I have seen in your kitchen, guest room, and nursery post. Did you create these on your own or purchase them?
    Best wishes on your #4, I'm cooking #3 right now...37 weeks and counting! =-)

  14. Tonya: the glittered numbers in the kitchen are from midwest of cannon falls. The glitter on them tarnishes over time which gives them a great look. The little letters you've seen in other rooms came from a scrapbook pack at Target. Not sure if they sell them anymore, but they are fun, too.

  15. just came across your blog and had to comment on how CUTE of an idea this is for the shoes! so creative!

  16. Emily! That is so funny! Yes, Bill and Jane live a few doors down and I love them! They are the sweetest! Bill is trying to get me to go sky diving, which I might possibly do this summer! Jane has bought a few of my pieces for her daughter too! {I think for her daughters room}
    I met their daughter out here on the 4th of July! So funny! You guys should come visit sometime! Melaine

  17. Emily - Thanks so much for the information. I was also wondering, given that you have three children, where you have all of the "kid clutter" - I mean, there have been days where I feel that my house is going to explode for all of the toys and accessories...I don't want my house to become a "play house" but I also want my kids to feel welcome to play in the rooms...

  18. I'm kinda watching the Super Bowl, but really cathing up in blogland and am SOOOOOO excited over your darling felt roses for your shoes... why don't i have any felt laying around! drats!
    Your shoes are just toooo cute!!