I have a love-hate relationship with IKEA.

Sometimes I get so excited to go, only to realize that I really am not an IKEA kind of girl. Most of it is a little too modern and strange and colorful for my liking.  Sometimes it is CRAZY busy and I just want to leave, only to realize that I have to walk 4 1/2 miles to get to the exit.

And then sometimes, it is a hit. Like today. I took my two little {feverish, coughing} boys just to grab a couple of things so I can keep going on the baby’s room. I know, I should not have taken my sick children into public, but I assure you, they covered their coughs and we really weren’t there for long.  Plus we got out of the house we’ve been stuck in for the past few days. If you’re a mom, you know how vital an outing is. Sick kids and all.

So here is what I found:

These basic white cotton curtains. Love that they are super long. These hang in many of our many windows, and I’ve also bought them just for the fabric {for pillow backs, bed skirts, fabric flowers}.  And, apparently they lowered the price from last year {$24.99 to $14.99}.


These linen curtains. I do have two pairs of these in my house, but I’ll be using this pair just for the material. It is a pretty rugged natural linen, and I adore the grayish shade of them.  They are a bit more spendy at $49.99, but for about 8 yards of fabric, I figure I’m getting a great deal.


These cups. We use them for the kids.  We’ve made an effort to rid our lives of any unnecessary plastics, so we tossed out the kid’s plastic cups and have them use these. They do just fine with glass. Plus, if they break, the only cost $1.99 for six.

IMG_0111  IMG_0113

I wasn’t looking for pillows, but a down insert for $6.99? You can’t beat it!  And I do love throw pillows …


And some plain white napkins. How boring, but essential.


I noticed a theme of very white items. Apparently I shop the way I decorate.

I also stopped by the craft store to get these:


more to come tomorrow on what I did with them.


  1. I can walk in and fine everything and then the next time nothing and I think why did I waste my time walking miles:) Our Ikea is about 25 minutes away so I don't visit often. I made plans for lunch with a friend on friday and she is near Ikea. I instantly said oh I can go to ikea. At least I always leave with my .49 dish towel:)

  2. yes! IKEA is a love-hate thing with me, too. I think I have to go often to really appreciate the times I do 'score' and come away with much needed necessities.

    Can't wait to see how you put it all together!

    Hugs ~