thinking pink

I’m not a color girl. When I tear out images from magazines, they are generally very neutral, containing a lot of black, white & taupe. My house is pretty colorless as is my closet. I’m not sure if it is a commitment thing or just what my eye is drawn to, but i still prefer the calming, wonderful colorless colors. 

But every once in a while, I find I crave a little bit of color. Last spring, it was yellow. I made some pillows, found books & accessories that I had laying around to pull in some yellow and I was very satisfied.

Right now, I want Pink.

 pink flowers

Perhaps it has something to do with Valentine’s Day approaching,



or perhaps because a sweet baby girl will be entering our lives in the next few weeks,


but I feel the need to add some pink into my life.

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I’ll let you know how it goes over with my house full of boys.