he knows her name

In college, we went to church at Christian Assembly, the home of worship singer & songwriter Tommy Walker. So many of his songs have gained popularity and because our university was nearby, many were sung at our weekly chapel services. Needless to say, many of Tommy Walker’s songs have deep meaning to me and stir up emotions very quickly {well, truly, many things stir up emotions in this girl, but you get the idea}.

My best friend just sent me a link to this one … just as a walk down memory lane. I did always love this song for so many reasons. There was a period in college that was very hard for me and this song brought much comfort. To know that I had a heavenly father who adored me was exactly what I needed to hear at that time {still do, in fact!}. Plus, a really cute boy at school sang this one on our university’s first worship cd and so I always had a sort of affection for it. Oh, Jay Murphy.

A N Y W A Y …

I just listened to it and realized that not having a name for my daughter is hard for me. I think I just want to know who she is. And yet, I can’t for the life of me figure out what her name is. Now, bear with the video, because it is pretty cheesy and it was a song that was recorded in 1998 {12 years ago! Oh my!}, so it is a little dated. But it is beautiful. And it really does speak to me every time I hear it. This time around, it is the fact that

He knows her name

I just get to carry her. She is really His and He knows everything about her before she is even seen by me. What a great reminder and a reassurance to me that although we don’t have a face or a name or little feet to know yet, she has been known since time began.

May you be blessed today by this oldie but goodie.


  1. totally crying. i have the same thing for tommy walker songs. and i have the same "issue" of wanting her to have a name and not having one. and i LOVE that we have a God who loves us and knows us. and the peace/comfort that comes from remembering that HE created her, HE thought of her first, HE has plans for her, and HE knows her name is...well there aren't really words.

  2. wow! So precious. I have oh-so many friends who attend church at CA! I didn't know Tommy Walker was a part of it. He's so utterly fantastic. I have sang many a 'Walker song because they sing a lot at the church I attended in college: Saddleback!

    {{we attend Sierra Madre Congregational now, and when we first moved here from Orange County, we attended Lake Avenue. I love that you know this area, and that there are so many similarities!}}

    You're so right - your precious baby girl is known to Him, and He knows her name. You will just have to wait a few more days until you know her name, too! I know it will become so clear when you see her face. I can't wait to hear what you choose...

    Precious song. xoxo

  3. Thank you for this, Emily. Sweetly crying right now for the flood of memories this song evokes from a very rough time when I felt alone, too. Of course, I was far from alone, and today we're not alone and I'm so glad that He knows her name, and your sister's baby's name,too. We can rest easy in that.

    I love you,

  4. What a beautiful song Emily, and a beautiful post on top of that...don't you worry your pretty little head about her name, it will all come to you when you see her face! Blessing, Tara

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this. What a beautiful truth about your baby. Tommy Walker is one of our favorites too. So enjoy your blog and your home ideas. Cool kitchen too!

  6. I'm going to boldly put this here - because I so believe our paths cross meaningfully.

    I love your post. I love it about your daughter and about you - how you struggle to name her. And that He already knows her. So beautiful, my dear girl.

    And re: your friend's song...we sang this on a Sunday after my circle of friends lost a sweet baby that had been named after my daughter (children born with heart defects). And at the very beginning of the song, "I have a maker, He formed my heart, and Before time began, my life was in His hands."

    I just happened upon your blog via Holly Matthis...and I thank you for this post. Truly. Truly. Cannot even express.

    For it was one year ago Saturday.

    May He bless your path. May you discover His name for your blessed baby.

    Karin Jackson

  7. Karin: I'm so glad that this was encouraging to you. Blessings to you and your family & to your friends who lost their precious baby.