time to think

The nature of my business is that most of it takes place in November and December. Which means for the past two months, I've been busy. Really busy.

So now, to not have proofs to create and projects to complete and emails to return, I have {what feels like} a lot of free time.

Most of which, I've been spending thinking about our baby. And her room. And her name. And her clothes.

And feeling a little like this:

{amazing photo, huh?}

This little lady is getting big {or maybe it is just this mommy} and I'm pretty ready to be finished with this pregnancy thing. Six weeks to go ...

Anyway, this time has given me a chance to come up with some new goals, new inspiration and lots of new project ideas. Here's my list:

1. Wake before the boys. Ideally, I'd love to get up to a quiet house, pour a cup of orange juice {my version of coffee} and spend some time in God's Word. Ideally. What usually happens is the boys come into my room and tap repetitively on my arm until I wake up and let them know they are free to go play legos. Then I fall back to sleep. Until they come in asking for breakfast. I really, really, want their mornings to be more enjoyable and I would love to start my day off the right way. IT IS JUST SO HARD TO GET OUT OF BED! I'm working on it ... the last two days, I was up first. Only by a few minutes, but first, nevertheless.

2. Make more effort to spend quality time with the boys. I was just talking with my friend about this ... I do a lot of side by side activities {i.e. boys playing legos, me working on invitations. We're in the same room and interacting, but doing separate activities}. I'd like to work in more time doing the same activity. It probably won't be playing legos because I am very bad at creating chariots and catamarans and griffins out of little rectangular pieces, but I do love to read to them and do art projects. So I'd like to be more intentional about it.

3. Turn on worship music when we're just hanging out around home.

4. Remember birthdays and send cards. This one is more Ryan's desire, but I wholeheartedly agree and it will probably fall into my lap to complete {being that I am a card designer}.

5. Stop using the microwave. We've nearly accomplished this one {except for the bagel I defrosted today}. We've both heard some scary research about the dangers of microwaves and decided that we really don't need to use it. I encourage you to try it out ... you may have to plan a little ahead and wash a few extra dishes and wait longer for food to heat up, but so far for us, it has totally been worth it.

6. Memorize scripture. Both me & the boys.

As for projects:

1. Do the nursery. I'll post some new photos and ideas soon. I'm sort of stumped and trying to get past my fear of color for this one. I'll most likely not have the room done by the time the baby arrives, as it is chilly here and ventilating while painting is a challenge. And painting without ventilating is not a great idea. Particularly if you are pregnant.

2. Figure out what to put on the dining room table. If you aren't entertaining, do you set it? Leave it empty? I'm looking into this one ...

3. Create a monthly calendar {to post those aforementioned birthdays}.

4. Turn this great gaudy gold frame into a chalkboard for the kitchen. Then write a weekly scripture to memorize.

5. Reupholster a chair that has been sitting in our entry covered by a folded piece of fabric for three years. It really couldn't be that hard.

6. Wallpaper the entry. I really want this one, but would settle for something else if I could find one I like as much.

7. Organize, organize, organize.

That's enough for now. I really should be getting to bed so that I can wake before my munchkins ...


  1. I enjoy reading your blog.
    With each post I am either inspired or am on the same page as you.
    Reading this one reminds me of my own desires for the year - to spend more time in the Word, to memorize scripture, etc. As far as parallel play (I've heard that term thrown around recently), I'm not there QUITE yet. Yes, my little one (3 1/2 months old) does stuff on his own, like his little activity mat, etc., but I REALLY like to play with him. I'm sure my lego days are coming. :-)
    BTW, I will admit I was a little jealous when I saw the opening photo. "How did Emily get such a great photo and I could hardly distinguish what was poking at me during my pregnancy?!" Lucky lady who DID capture that incredible moment.
    Happy 2010!

  2. Love the photo... I know you will accomplish your goals :)


  3. Loved your list!! And what an amazing photo:)